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Recommendations for hotels

Karte Tokio

If you start the tour with the first stage on a Tuesday (check-in on Monday and start the first stage from Tokyo Central Station on Tuesday morning), you can get the most out of your stay. The recommendation is to first choose a hotel within the yellow area ("centre") for three nights and then change hotels every three days. If you want to change hotels only once or twice instead of three times, you will find my recommendation for this in the table below. If the stay in Tokyo starts on a different day of the week, the 12-day tour can also start at any other point of the loop. You can also change the recommended days of the week, but then you have to check yourself whether all the sights along the route that you would like to visit are open on that day.

Karte Tokio

For those who simply want to do individual tours from "TOKYO MAZE" instead of the circuit of "walk TOKYO!", I have created the table below to find the ideal places to stay in the city area for a certain number of days. Here, too, the opening days of the sights of the respective tours in the areas were taken into account. Of course, you can make individual adjustments depending on your personal interests and may then have to travel a little further by public transport on some days. However, as a starting point for holiday planning and hotel booking for Tokyo, I hope the tips are helpful.

Hotels Tokio

Some recommended hotels

All hotels by categories

3 Star Hotels

Hotels for demanding travellers
Room size: approx. 20 sqm

Center: The Lively Azabujuban: Modern hotel in great surroundings of Azabu-Junban, not far from Roppongi.

South: Tōkyū Stay Shibuya Shin-Minamiguchi: Practical hotel with washing machines in the room.

West: Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku: Phenomenal view of the Shinjuku skyline from the onsen on the roof.

Northwest: Hoshino Resorts OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka: Great concept hotel and prime location to Otsuka Norenkai.

Northeast: Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International: Book a room with a view of Tokyo Skytree!

I have stayed in all the hotels listed above myself and can therefore recommend them without any restrictions.

4 Stars Hotels

First-class hotels with high service quality
Room size: approx. 25 sqm

Center/East: Park Hotel Tokyo: Design hotel with lots of art in a perfect location in Shiodome.

South/West: Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tōkyū: Right next to Shibuya station, ideal for nights out.

West: Mitsui Garden Hotel Jingu-Gaien Tokyo Premier: At the National Stadium, do not book the cheapest room category.

Northwest/West: Hyatt Regency Tokyo: Right next to the city hall in the skyscraper district.

Northeast: Asakusa View Hotel: Book a room with a view of the temple district!

I have stayed in all the hotels listed above myself and can therefore recommend them without any restrictions.

5 Stars Hotels

Luxury hotels without compromise
Room size: approx. 30 to 50 sqm

Center: HOSHINOYA Tokyo: Very exclusive hotel with onsen on the roof in the financial district near the Imperial Palace.

South: Cerulean Tower Tōkyū Hotel: Excellent luxury hotel near Shibuya Station.

West: Park Hyatt Tokyo: Great views and memories of the film "Lost in Translation".

East: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo: Luxury hotel in Nihonbashi with exclusive spa area.

I have stayed in all the hotels listed above myself and can therefore recommend them without any restrictions.

Budget Hotels

Comfortable hotels for medium requirements
Room size: approx. 15 sqm

Center: Via Inn Nihonbashi Ningyocho: Very functional hotel at a great location in Ningyocho.

West: Via Inn Shinjuku: Functional hotel just east of Shinjuku station.

Northeast: Via Inn Akihabara: Functional hotel just south of Akihabara station, on the Kanda River.

Capsule Hotels

Sleeping capsules for travellers on a budget
Room size: Sleeping place in a shared room

Center: Nine Hours Hamamatsucho: Modern capsule hotel in a side street near Daimon metro station.

West: UNPLAN Shinjuku: Stylish hostel just east of Shinjuku station, good for going out.

Northeast: Nine hours ningyocho: Modern capsule hotel at a great location in Ningyocho.

I checked out all the hostels listed above on site.

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